“… the scholarly literature on breaking up is Duck’s model of relationship dissolution, which divides break-ups into four categories: pre-existing doom, mechanical failure, process loss, and sudden death.” [Source]

A study (from source above) found that strong dislike for an ex post break-up makes you feel better in the long run.

That’s not only misleading but it just sounds petty (note that the test subjects just had to be in a relationship for at least four months and were surveyed a month later) — I think what they meant to conclude with (because you know, I have the capacity to comment on what researchers should’ve concluded) is that the reconstruction of that person’s place in your life, if at all, and simultaneously, the distraction from (thinking of) that person, is what makes you feel better in the long run.

Oh, and if I were going through a break-up, which I’m not currently (cool), I would absolutely hate it if my friends were to say any hackneyed thing that would make me regret the entire relationship instead of realizing why it didn’t work… because of the mechanical failure yanno.

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