“Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had some fun with George Stephanopoulos yesterday when the ABC newsman asked the Iranian president whether, as a new documentary claims, Osama Bin Laden is living in Tehran. Any normal leader who didn’t want to risk alienating the United States would simply shoot down such accusations, but Ahmadinejad is obviously not a normal leader, and he clearly doesn’t mind alienating the United States. So instead, after dancing around the question repeatedly, and definitively denying the claim exactly zero times, he insisted that Bin Laden was probably living in Washington, D.C., which we assume was his idea of a hilarious joke.” [Source]

I forget how much I love NY Mag. Why would anyone read celebrity – mere mortals if you ask me – gossip when world leaders like Mahmoud* exist? Oh, don’t even get me started on Qaddafi**. Ridiculous antics paired with oodles of political capital is great.

*We’re on a first name basis ever since we met via his profile in the New Yorker.
**Whose name no one knows how to really spell because he won’t tell us. Sound it out, everyone.

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