There are few things that will make me giggle in an economic geography class at 8 in the morning, except reading irrelevant articles (for another class):

I had to read this Atlantic piece by Jeffrey Goldberg about TSA & its security practices for my US National Security class — Highly recommended reading if you’re looking to sneak goodies (or dangerous materials) past airport security (though hopefully not anymore).

While trying to find the direct link, I stumbled on the TSA’s blog. What? The TSA has a blog? And it replies to news articles written about it?

Even as an ardent supporter of blogs, transparency and community involvement, I can’t seem to grasp the necessity for the minutiae of what I can or cannot bring on an airplane. Blogs of this nature are useless unless they serve a genuine purpose. In this case, I’d hope the TSA reassigns “Blogger Bob” to more useful tasks — oh, like keeping our airports safe or something.

*I also hope no one at the TSA is savvy enough to find the redirect from my blog; and if they do, they should… hire me.

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