Two qualities that can be mildly enjoyable by themselves, but together are completely and wholly disastrous. It’s a constant influx of extreme boredom then excitement. The anticipation makes time move more slowly — the boredom and restlessness, twice as slow.

My solution: Why not counteract the dawdling days by moving even slower!

If you are trying to contact me in the early evenings only to find that I’ve fallen asleep, I apologize in advance. I’ve descended into one of the most unproductive phases of my adult life. Someone please inspire me.

Also, I think I’m doomed to write only about time until my watch is fixed.

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Anticipation is wonderful, isn’t it? It’s absolutely my favorite feeling. But you’re not supposed to be restless as well – you’re supposed to savor it, let the the nervousness make your heart beat faster and the butterflies in your stomach raise your adrenaline. And then whenever the moment you’re anticipating comes, you’re supposed to slow down and do your best to be in the moment so you can soak it up. Try to focus on enjoying the anticipation and you’ll come to want to prolong it – and maybe that will combat the restlessness.

As for inspiration, I don’t know how inspiring you’ll find this, but at the very least it’s thought-provoking, so it’s a start. In return for the many insightful links you’ve shared with me:

Lân added these pithy words on Feb 04 10 at 3:53 pm

that just means you buy a new watch, millie ;)

but really, the other day i thought i had ~$50 in my account. i checked — $7.75. NOT three cappuccinos’ worth, darling. :(

joann added these pithy words on Feb 06 10 at 4:01 pm

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