(And take 1-unit classes on the “History of Type”)

“For homework, please draw your name (first or last or nickname) in one of the fonts you have the sheet for. Of course, that means that you’ll either have to research the letters online to find those m’s or j’s or k’s or other letters that aren’t on your sheet — OR you have to try to extrapolate from the features in front of you. This is all about learning to look at the letters, so do not be anxious about getting it ‘right’ just try to make the best possible observations and drawings.”

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I never knew there was such a class. I might as well as taking it later on in the future. I’m now amazed at the diversity of education. Wonderful!

Nhat added these pithy words on Oct 04 09 at 10:13 am

This sounds like an amazing class. I’d love to see what sort of physical things you’re actually producing in it, as a Typography class is something I’ve always been interested in taking, but don’t think I’d have the necessary skills for. I will therefore instead live vicariously through yours. Just throwing that out there.

Zachary Diaz added these pithy words on Oct 18 09 at 12:29 pm

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