Is that a double negative of sorts? Is it even possible? I’ll cut the rhetoric and philosophizing of the headlines now. How is it that the last post I’ve written coincided with my last Model UN conference and this post will aptly follow yet another conference? Maybe my little space on the internet has been reduced to a post-MUN purgatory. While only slightly embarrassing, I’ve learned that what is more mortifying is watching a public viewing of [Ask me about it].

When I was younger, though this means when I was 15, I used to be so jazzed about finding myself on Google. Now, a little older, not much smarter, and still foolish — I’m more aware that I can’t have professionals read about my social experiments in the name of research for my column. Maybe as people grow older and more conscious of how others perceive them, they become incredibly banal. Just kidding; I think adults are fascinating.

Oh, and don’t you hate how recovering from a busy weekend means you have to waste time (read-the usual routine) to get back on track? I hate negative feedback loops. Or is that a positive loop?

Speaking of loops — in class earlier this week, a girl raised her hand to describe a feedback loop. She used the example of a fat (… heavy? Is that more PC?) person taking the elevator/escalator, which deprives them of exercise, making them more fat/heavy, which makes them more inclined to take the elevator! Yeah, it’s not good. I think that’s a positive (+lbs.) feedback loop for sure.

Lesson for today: Don’t be the fat person taking the elevator. It only goes downhill (No pun; but is it uphill then?) from there.

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We took the elevator after we ate! Such fatties. :(

Kevin added these pithy words on Jan 19 09 at 11:37 pm

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