I think it was my 7th grade teacher that said you haven’t really mastered the English language, or any language for that matter, if you aren’t familiar with the idioms.

On the left is a “sans serif” shirt from Veer. I’m a big fan of Veer, but they’re really outdoing themselves with captions like “Adorn yourself in a T-shirt that says simplicity in a truly lavish way.” Clever. A couple of Christmas-es ago, I thought about buying friends their own domain, granted I’d provide them hosting. I thought it’d be perfect. This year, I’d like to think I’m become more practical. Maybe look for these shirts in your stockings. Anyway, these thoughts are totally irrelevant to my intended entry, but pictures embedded next to text makes things infinitely more interesting.

I’ve been feeling uneasy as of late. You would think that with another hurdle crossed and another goal met, I’d be more confident. Not. at. all. This isn’t an early concession note, though. I am very honored (and bewildered) about getting the columnist job. But, come on. I cannot even write a full paragraph, let alone a full sentence sometimes. (Just kidding, kind of.) Now, I will have to start being more cognizant of what I say, how I say it, and who I will be saying it to–which is UCLA’s ginormous (Made up words oftentimes work better than real words; why do you think they were made up?) undergraduate, graduate, post-doc … student body. It doesn’t help that the Daily Bruin is one of the most circulated papers in LA. William Forbes, who obviously went on to create Forbes, was a DB Editor-in-chief. 

I am in a perpetual state of awe of the company, past and present. 

I feel like Maureen Dowd as her fellow columnist, Paul Krugman, won a Nobel Prize. Does that mean I have to aim for a Pulitzer now? I may as well be a pebble next to Mount Rushmore or something. Time to up the ante. Find provocative stories. Tell them something they don’t know. THINK THINK THINK. At least I will have my humble blog to fall back on lest I don’t meet my lofty goals. Pulitzer, please pick me (in the near future).  

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How weird, I was just going to ask if you use twitter.

Jessica added these pithy words on Oct 21 08 at 8:34 pm

I want one of those “Light, Regular, Bold, Black” Helvetica mugs :)

Stella added these pithy words on Oct 28 08 at 6:12 pm


Look for an angle that you can play all the time.

Mo’Dowd provided a snarky oppositionist voice to both Clinton and Dubya–perhaps she’ll do the same to Obama. Kristof is a voice crying out in the wilderness for the sake of human rights–he was on Darfur before it was sexy, and he’s on human trafficking as well. Krugman made it his calling to expose the practice of “compassionate conservatism” as voodoo, cronyist, and heartless.

Me? I’m going to whittle my focus down to California politics and education policy–the highest does not stand without the lowest, and Sacramento is better poised to screw up my life than Washington is.

You’ve expressed interest in writing at the conjunction of technology and politics; Obama promises to provide a lot of material, and we’re all Web 2.0 geeks these days, cheerleader and nerd alike. I’m sure you’ll start stringing paragraphs together in no time.

Samuel Sukaton added these pithy words on Jan 19 09 at 3:09 pm

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