I accidentally had my caps lock while writing the title, but maybe that would have been appropriate as well.I’d rather be tired from lack of sleep than excess of sleep–doesn’t it seem backwards and so wrong to be because you were in a deep slumber for nearly 10 hours? I wished that fatigue was the excuse to my listening to the Grammar Girl podcast while walking to class this morning. But alas, it wasn’t and it was very much out of free-will.Anywho, while addressing the Comp Lit Honors seminar: “I was very smart and cocky.. just like you all,” said Mrs. Velcic, dancing along the lines of accusatory and farce.Classic! …But I guess only the smart, cocky ones thought so.

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Like this font. Has it changed?

JT added these pithy words on Sep 15 07 at 3:48 pm

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