Why are people so easily offended by complete strangers? Their opinions are fleeting.. it’s the opinions of those you care about that matter. At least that’s what I believe.

Anyway, this morning/afternoon at graduation practice, I nearly wanted to just melt into the grass. I stupidly wore cowboy boots and just prayed the entire time that I didn’t end up with some absurd tan. Admist all of that praying to the sun gods, I somehow managed to be pushed into the wrong line, leading my line, as I have the amiable and highly honorable role of being row leader, to a completely wrong row. Anything to humor myself in that awful heat, I suppose. At least Kathie and I got through a couple minutes of my Hindi lessons on my ipod.

PS. Pick up the San Jose Mercury News this Monday, June 18th. If not, just look at the business section! :)

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Yeah, cowboy boots ain’t made for a pretty girl in the heat.

I’m a row leader too! It’s fun except for being responsible for ten other people.

Yearbook luncheon/banquet. I can’t wait!

Jazper added these pithy words on Jun 12 07 at 8:56 pm

I love the fonts on this layout. They’re yummy.

Karan added these pithy words on Jun 15 07 at 12:13 pm

Dang, I totally forgot to give you the newspaper that day I returned your dresses.
I guess I was foolish enough to think you wouldn’t know you made the papers that day.
Hahaha, I still have it – if you want an extra copy.

Jessica added these pithy words on Jun 20 07 at 11:04 am

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