Now that we are THIS close to being done with the yearbook, I have SO much free time. I’m so excited.. I just started Interpreter of Maladies and I can’t wait to keep read, read, reading! God, what a lost hobby. I hope everyone reads a good book this break.

My reading queue for Spring Break
– Interpreter of Maladies sans journal entries
– Ethan Frome w/ journal entries
– The Importance of Being Earnest w/ study questions
– Reread the Awakening w/ journal entries
– If time allows, more Kurt Vonnegut would be fab
If you’re reading any of the above, let me know! Let’s talk about them.. do I feel a book club coming on? :)

I just finished writing a paper on Othello this morning and it felt fabulous to be able to write and articulate myself again! Okay, so I am done being so psyched about rediscovering reading and writing.

Anyway, I booked my flight for MA for the 19th and will drive down the LA on the 14th. High school needs to end. Right now.

Well, maybe in a little bit.

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